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jmla projects
A diverse range of projects include major township and village developments, university and sporting facilities, golf courses, various condominium and accommodation clusters, commercial businesses and resort complexes through to residential rural estates, themed gardens and small courtyard designs.
Projects include village developments, golf course and clubhouse designs, condominiums, convention centres and local parkland areas.
Adelaide Uni
Lindfield Reserve
Gold Coast Convention Centre
Australia Fair
Cebu, Philippines
Projects range from large rural estates through typical backyard designs to small themed courtyards and intimate indoor/outdoor spaces, with sustainable eco-sensitive principles.
Henley Beach
Projects include large scale resort complexes and tropical designs to smaller boutique developments, with projects for international hotel groups and various themed resorts.
Cairns Oasis Resort
Rancamaya Resort
Villas De La Mer
Hamilton Island
Legends Hotel
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concept sketches

1. French Stylised Entry Gate

The French themed condominium complex featured stylised landscape elements including this ornate, curved wrought iron gate.
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